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Tender for delivery laboratorial complex for quality monitoring of oil products of the Minerals and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia

Brief introduction of activity of the“IJIL BUMBA” LLC
The “Ijil Bumba” LLC was founded in 2006 and it has been carrying out the activities in direction of foreign and domestic trade, sales and maintenance of petroleum equipments.

1. Administration management section
2. Technical supply section
3. Marketing and sales section
4. Finance and bookkeeping section

The “Ijil Bumba” LLC has been started to import the petroleum express laboratory of 2M6U model from the Novosibirsk Scientific Institute of Russian Federation, the petroleum equipments and tools from the “Jayo petroleum machinery” in Jenjou city of Henan province of the Republic of China and the densitometer for petroleum products from the “Steklopribor” company in Kiev city of Ukraine Republic and since 2007 it has been expanded the diversity of petroleum and gas equipments.
The company was successfully participating at exhibitions, which were organized in Kiev city of Ukraine in March of 2008, in Moscow city of Russian Federation in June, on directions of petroleum and gas equipments. The company is going to collaborate with “EUROPUMP” Company of Poland in direction of gas. Also it cooperates with “KAZMUNAI” company of Kazakhstan Republic, the GILBARCO, VEEDER-ROOT companies of the USA and the SEIMENS Company of German Federation.

Kinds of main import products:
- Oil distributor of AZS LANFENG model;
- Petroleum densitometer;
- Various pumps for petroleum;
- Various liquid meters for petroleum;
- Oil shlangs; / pipes
- Connection tools for shlang;
- Other accessories for oil stations;
- Express laboratory of 2M6U model;
The petroleum products, imported in 2006-2007, were delivered to clients on agreement subscription in wholesale. The number of agreement order was rapidly increased in 2007 and it causes to enlarge the foreign delivery.
The sales amount is being increased by 30% averagely per year and it is connected with increase of petroleum product import and number of sales storage and distributing oil stations.
The financial section of the company truthfully presents its financial statements to the Taxation Department on time and the company has no any tax debts. The sales income of the company was increased and the company became the “Value added taxpayer” in the 2nd quarter of 2008.
As a result of operating in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan-Uul, Orkhon-Uul, Dornogobi and Selenge provinces, the “Ijil Bumba” LLC has been cooperating with many state and domestic organizations and business entities.
In 2007, the company established the collaboration agreement to import the oil for the heavy machinery engine from the “Lukoil” company in Permi city, which is considered as the biggest company in petroleum field of Russian Federation.
The company has been working to provide the necessities of mining, agriculture, road, construction and transportation fields.
Since 2006, the “Ijil Bumba” LLC has been delivering the equipments and laboratories for determining the quality of petroleum products to the “Shunkhlai Group” LLC, “Just oil” LLC, “Sod Mongol Group” LLC, “Altjin” LLC, “Durvun bairshilt” LLC and the State Reserve Fund. Also it set up and delivered the complex laboratory for the petroleum storage of the “Shunkhlai Group” LLC.
As a result of above works the company had accumulated sufficient experience on delivery and installation of laboratory equipments.
The company has been working and paying much attention to increase the kinds of import products, to improve the service quality, to conduct the flexible price policy and to expand its foreign relationship further in conformity with market demand of own country.
The “Ijil Bumba” LLC has over 10 employees and most of staffs are engineers and technicians, who completed and qualified at Russian and domestic institutes and universities by petroleum and gas.