Transfer pump

ETP--60 Electric Transfer Pump Ass.

Features & Benefits
It is easy to connect to the 1" quick coupling Of the drum or tank, with or without JY-120 flow meter.
Standard equipment: self-priming pump, meter, 1" quick coupling, 4 meter delivery hose, manual nozzle, intake pipe. Automatic nozzle and other accessories are available on request.

Technical Specification

Medium:Diesel, kerosene

Flow Rate: 20L/min-60L/min

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz, 0.375KW/2.5A

Condensator: 450V-12.5μF

Max. Working Pressure: 3 bar

Motor Rotate Speed: 2800rpm

Accuracy:±1% of flow range after calibration

Digital:4-digit subtotals (max999.9liters), 8-digit totals

◆JY-120 Flow Meter

JY-120 Flow Meter is to measure the exact quantity of the dispensed fuel. They are designed for non-commercial use only. These flow meters are reliable, inexpensive, easy to install and simple
to calibrate on theworkplace. Aluminium metering chamber, 1" thread connection. Mechanical readout device with rotating wheels. Subtotals can be set to zero, total readouts cannot.


◆JY-60 Electric Transfer Pump

JY-60 self-priming rotary vane pumps feature a mechanical seal that guarantees constant reliability, even in low temperatures. Cast-iron pump casing, treated against corrosion and paint-finished. Continuous running.
Vane pump with steel rotor, mechanical seal. Bypass valve built into pump casing. In-built100-micronfilter, easily accessible for cleaning. Induction motor with aluminum casing. Grade of protection: IP 55. 1" Threaded joints on pump casing.