PG Dispenser

JDK50L Series of LPG dispenser adopts the most advanced meter technology as measuring equipment, has a high precision accuracy and long life spendingcharacteristic.

Technical Data
Model: JDK50L
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Flow range13-65L/min
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Display Resolution0.01 liter
Display Board
Contents:Dispense Amount
Total Dispense:1~999999 liters
Dispense Amount:0.01~9999.99liters
Unit Price:0.01~0.99/liter
Totalize:1-999.999 liters
Automatic Temperature makes up: -40℃~45℃
Pressure Gauge Measuring Range:0~2.5MPa
Connecting methods
Liquid PipelineFlange, Screw Thread
Gas PipelineFlange, Screw ThreadPressure TestingI
ntensity Test:2.0MPa
Air Tightness Test:1.8MPa
Solenoid Valve:AC 220V Ex proof
Flow Rate:75L/min
Safety Return Valve:1.6MPa
Hose:Internal Diameter 13mm
(Length 0.7M +5.2M)

◆JY65 Side Channel Pump

JY65 pump is side channel, multi-cellular,self-priming pumps designed with 6 stages, having a horizontal configuration and offering numerous metallurgical variants.Shaft sealing by mechanical seal without cooling. The use of a pre-compression turbine at the suction end makes it possible to obtain a very small required NPSH, so that this pump can be used under very difficult suction conditions.They allow for the simultaneous pumping of gas and liquid . Application:for handling liquid gas.

Direction of rotation: anti-clockwise facing the end of the pump drive shaft.
Max. Pressure:40bars at 120℃
Power: 380V,50Hz,4KW
Ambient Temperature: -20℃~60℃