◆Petrol station LED illumination

LED illumination is new product for ceiling lighting in various petrol stations. This product has characters of energy saving, low calorific value, long life, etc. LED illumination can help the petrol/gas station to eliminate security risks, increase safety factor, reduce costs of electricity and lamp maintenance.


Technical parameters:
Light source: LED
Power of light source: 60w-100w
Color temperature: 5,000K-6,000K (Customizable)
Voltage: 220v
Color index: nearly 100
Operating temperature: under 55℃
Defense class: IP65
Lifetime: 50,000-80,000



Light source: high power LED
Color temperature: 3,500K-7,000K (Customizable)
LED power: 3w ~ 7w
Shell: aluminum alloy (once-forming)
Surface: anodizing anticorrosion treatment
Voltage: AC 220v (E27 interface)
Color index: 75 ~ 80
Luminous efficiency: 60Lm/w
Operating temperature: -40℃~40℃
Defense class: IP30
Lifetime:500,000 hours

◆BYC8300 Explosion-proof fluorescent lamp

Safe, reliability, environmental, convenient
Excellent EMC
Composite explosion-proof rating
Design of linkage anti-misoperation
Equipment of fault indicator, cold light illuminator
High light-efficiency, long-life
Low power, high brightness, without thermal radiation
Anti-shock, corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable, Anti-spraying
Intelligent insulation system: wording at -40℃
Power supply: working time above 1.5 hours.
Working or emergency light for flammable, explosive, special location, facility

◆BFC8100 Explosion-proof floodlight

Excellent explosion-proof and corrosion property
High brightness, large illumination scope
Good Water-proofing performance, shock resistance
Multiple installation mode
Application: Oil storage and oilcans area for large area illumination

◆BLC8600 Explosion-proof road lamp

Excellent explosion-proof property and EMC
High reliability, stable performance
Lower fault rate, anti-corrosion
High luminous efficiency and color index (above 90)
Long life, maintain easily