Tank Lorry Parts

◆Manhole Cover with Oil Gas Reclaiming Valve

Length of circle(mm): 560 / 580
Hole pitch and hole numbers: 530x24x10/540x24x10
Material: Al.alloy
Working pressure (mpa): 210-340

◆Submarine Valve

Specification: 4''
Hole pitch of Round flange: 190x8x14 / 150x8x14
Material: Al.alloy
Working Pressure(mpa): 0.2


◆Hose Nipple of Unloading Valve

Specification: 4''
Ventage Junction:3" / 2.5"
Material: Al.alloy
Working Pressure(mpa): 0.2


◆JAYO-01 API Bottom Loading Adaptor

CAM:Aluminum bronze
Handle: Bronze
Seals: Fluorocarbon & Buna-N
API adaptor end: Hard-coated alumimum
Poppet & Shaft and latch plate: Stainless steel
Standard: Meet TTMA Standard

◆JAYO LJQ-01Tight-Seal Adaptor and JAYO-01 Tight Seal Fill Cap

Elbow Size: 4"
Riser Thread: BSP/NPT4"
Material: Bronze
Cap&Link: Pa66
Pins:Stainless steel
Gasket: Buna-N

◆JAYO-SYWG Series Delivery Elbow

Light weight cast aluminum; Fits all 4" top seal adaptors;
Protective base shield;With sight glass which allows the operator to see whether product is flowing.
SYWG-504 #4" Male cam and groove
SYWG-604 #4" Male –NPT thread
SYWG-704 #4" Male –BSPT thread

◆JAYO-01 5GL Thread-On Spill Container

Cover & Mounting Ring : Cast Iron
Bellows: Polyethylene
Base: Compoud Fibre
Clamps:Stainless Steel